Dispensing Application in the Automotive Industrie

Automotive Dispensing

MUSASHI’s high-quality dispensing system supports automobile’s greater safety

In recent years, automobiles have rapidly become integrated with electronics, and the number of on-board electronic components in those vehicles has only increased. Main motors that take the place of engines and various HUDs and CIDs, as well as cameras, sensors, and radar systems, and so forth, that are becoming commonplace as ADAS becomes commercialized. The coming of the age of trillion sensors has particularly changed the world.
MUSASHI has used the supreme dispensing technologies that have been developed through electronic component manufacturing processes, particularly in the semiconductor field, to implement fully automated production lines. We have made numerous achievements in the automotive industry. MUSASHI, a general manufacturer of dispensers, has provided high-quality dispensing solutions to contribute to the manufacturing of automobile components that directly lead to greater safety. We continue to strive to compete in a new era of car electronics.



Solution ECU

non contact coating substrates.

No masking required!

Coating Solution

High-precision wide coating

High-speed spot coating

AeroJet Coating Pins

Narrow-area coating

  • Masking-free
    Provides full control over areas on which to dispense and those on which not to dispense.
    (Comes with the dedicated MuCOAT™ software)
  • Wide and spot compatibility in one machine
    Comes with dual heads (CV-12 /AeroJet).
    The width of the dispensing area can be altered during operations.Coating Thin to Thick
  • High-precision film thickness control
    Prevents scattering and the forming of hammerhead patterns.

Fully automatic coating machine

Coating Master FCD1000 Can be used for ECU circuit boards, motor boards, etc.
Liquid materials Various moisture-proof coating agents

ECU Thermal Grease

Thermal grease dispensing

  • High-precision dispensing of thermal grease
  • Achieves 3D dispensing
    Supports workpieces with differences in height
  • The width of the dispensing area can be altered during operations.
  • A dramatic improvement in insulation reliability
    Optimized design that reduces friction between metals.
Can be used for ECU, IGBT modules, etc.
Liquid materials High-viscosity thermal grease, two-component mixed heat dissipating materials, etc.
Flat nozzle thermal grease dispensing
2 Component thermal gapfiller dispensing

MPP3 Hight-precision volume measuring type digital dispenser

MPP3 2C for 2 component gap filler

ScrewMaster High-Performance screw dispenser

CorossMaster for integration into production line

Camera / Sensor

Non-contact dispensing of adhesives/protective agents

  • Adheres the smallest parts at ultra-high speed
    Max 1200 Hz
  • High-precision micro-deposit dispensing
    Achieves high-precision of 0.5 nL ± 1% or smaller.
  • No damage to workpieces
Sensor Dispensing
Camera Glue Dispensing

Dispensing of two-component adhesives

Yield improvement brings innovation to motor production!

  • Achieves super-highprecision mix-ratio control
    Promotes more thorough quantitative management.
  • Not affected by changes in viscosity
  • Simple maintenance
  • Reduces running costs
2C Adhesive Dispensing

MPP3 2C for 2 component gap filler

Mohno 2C for 2 component adhesives

Automotive: Adhision, Brazing and soldering, automotive electronic, sensors, LIDAR etc.

Jet Dispenser for Brazing (PDF)

MPP3 2C for 2 component gap filler

Mohnomaster for FIPG, CIPG Gaskets

SuperSigma for Sensors and LIDAR production

CorossMaster for integration into production line