Dispensing Application Electronic and General purpose

Elektronik Dosierung

Electronic and electric part: Optical pickups, HDD, rechargeable batteries, solar cells, fuel cells, solid batteries, printed circuit boards, power supply, miniature switches, electrolytic capacitors, variable resistors, quartz resonators, quartz oscillator, sensor, LED, FPD (OLED, LCD, PDP), magnetic heads, relays, connectors, micro motors, bearings, meters, transformers, coils, speakers, microphones, buzzer, Smartpone, tablet, PC, notebook, flat screen TV, cellphone, LED lighting, portable music player, blue-ray recorder, DVD recorder, sound systems, car navigator, game console, eBook reader, microwave oven, IH cooking system, air conditioner, refrigerator, laundry machines, vacuum cleaners etc.

Anwendungsbeispiele mit Dosierer und Roboter

SuperSigma Digitaler Air-Pulse Dispenser for high precision 

SuperJet Piezzo non contact jet dispenser

MSD3 Screw Dispenser

ImageMaster 350PC Desktop robot with camera alignment and laser for height messurement. 

ML-808GX Digital Time Pressure dispenser with 2C pre-mix function

SM Omega Serie Robot for dispensing application

Crossmaster SX Serie gantry robot for dispensing

FAD2500 full automated inline dispenser