Application Medical and Bio Dispensing

Medizin Bereich Dosierung

Medical, physic, chemical, biological products: Endoscope, catheter, medical injection needle, electronic thermometer, sphygmomanometer, flue test kit, corona test kit, Covid test kit, membrane etc.

Catalog Medical and Bio (PDF)
Immunochromatographic Jet (PDF)

Dispensing systems and Robots

SMP III Volumetric high precision dispenser

Immunochromatic Jet Line dispensing machine for immunochromatographic

Pipet Master multi-channel dispensing system

ImageMaster 350PC Desktop robot with camera and laster. Suitable for laboratory and small production

ML-808GXDigitaler Time-Pressure system. Also for pre mixed 2 component adhisive

Jet Spotter High speed reagent spotting system

SuperJet Non contact Jet micro dispenser

Spot Master  Automated dispensing of a wide range of reagents