Superevolution of non contact jet dispenser! Maximum speed 333 shots/s achieved!!

Jet Dispenser

  • The production tact time greatly improved.
  • MUSASHl’s own jet mechanism makes super micro dots.
  • Four more times durable compared with our conventional jet dispenser.
  • Achieved steady and reproducible dispensing.
  • Nozzle heater controller comes as the standard.
  • Non-contact jet dispenser
  • CE Marking certified, EU RoHS compliant.

Suitable viscosity range: From 0.001 Pa-s (1 CPS) up to 700 Pa-s (700.000 CPS)
Drastically shortened takt time due to the capability of fluid jet. Powerful measures to remarkably improve productivity.
As it splashes fluid material with fine precision on a workpiece from a separate position, it does not need to raise or lower the nozzle. It offers high precision and stable dispensing,  as well as super high speed dispensing cycle. It affords difficult dispensing that could not be realized with conventional contact type dispensers.
This is a newly developed dispenser that contributes to significant improvement of your productivity.


  • Underfilling
  • Jetting silver paste to lead frames
  • conformal coating. Also for automotive PCB, Aerospace, medical or other branches
  • Jetting UV glue
  • Adhesion and boinding of various electric parts
  • Dotting, lining, coating and more

Pinpoint shooting

  • Flexible dispensing from below, side, or oblique directions
  • Effective for applications on uneven/narrow areas to which the normal nozzle is not accessible

High-Speed processing

  • Dispensing possible without being affected by curves or individual differences in work pieces
  • No z-axis movement or gap control is necessary
  • Ultra-high-speed processing for the high-precision stable dispensing of minute dots


  • Equipped with Synchro Speed
  • Selectable liquid feeding unit; Tanks, cartridges and syringes
  • Temperature controller mounted as standard