Jet Dispenser Super Hi Jet

Jet Dispenser SuperHiJet

Non-contact JET dispenser for high  and low viscosity

  • For viscosity range up to 1,000,000 mPa/s
  • Piezo Technology
  • Excellent position accuracy
  • Rod can be replaced
  • Easy maintenance
  • Thin & small. Can be used with multi head systems.
  • Designed for use with UV, solder paste, silicone and other materials.
  • Conformity standards: EU RoHS, CE-marking (Low Voltage Directive, EMC Directive)

The liquid is jetted with high accuracy from a position away from the work, and omnidirectional application is realized freely from the bottom, side, and diagonal directions. Demonstrates its power for dispensing on uneven substrates and narrow areas where nozzles cannot enter. Can be applied without being affected by work warpage or individual height differences. No need for Z-axis movement and gap control. Ultra-high-speed processing of high-precision and stable coating of fine dots. It is a jet dispenser that enables coating that could not be achieved by contact type and contributes to a significant improvement in production efficiency.

High performance *
Smallest volume under 1nL
Viscosity up to 1.000.000 mPa/s
High speed dispensing

Excellent operatibility
Large 3.5 inch color display
Numeric keypad on front panel
Avalable in three languages: Japanese, English, Chines.

Comprehensive functionality
Allows digital control of liquid delivery pressure
Memory function for dispensing parameters

Mountable on automatic inline machines
Can be rack mounted (19 inch sub racks,, 3Ux21HP)
USB and RS232C communication ports for sending and receiving all parameters and remote control operation

Multi directional jetting
jet dispensing z axis