Digital Time Pressure Dispener ML-808GX

ML-808 GX Digital Zeit Druck Dosierer

Best suited for two-component adhesive dispensing

  • High precision dispenser flexible with viscosity change
  • [Auto increment function]
    Predetermined dispensing conditions are automatically changed in a step-by-step manner. Stable dispensing that follows the viscosity change of liquid has been achieved.
  • [Auto slope function]
    Automatically calculation of dispensing conditions that following viscosity change. Required setting is only two steps at start and end. Significant reduced setup time.
  • An air pulse stabilization circuit (PAT.) is equipped as standard.
  • Substantial communication function, best suited for mounting
    automated machine
    Variable line width at a constant drawing speed can be performed thanks
    to the [express shot function].
  • Also available as clean room dispenser
  • Dispensing conditions can be edited on a PC with use of the dedicated software MuCOM for ML-808GX
  • CE Marking certified, EU RoHS compliant

Following up viscosity change for bi-component adhesives.
Stable dispensing accuracy achieved.

Fluid control with high level of precision has been achieved by preventing the fluctuation of dispensing volume caused by viscosity change, water head variation or pot life of fluid to be used. The digital dispenser 808 series has the capacity to handle variations in the fluid viscosity. Generally, viscosity change prevents stable dispensing of two-component adhesive. But this series allows the user to perform stable highdefinition line dispensing of it as well as single component fluid. The performance of your automated production lines will be improved by the highly-sophisticated digital control and advanced versatile functions of this series.
ML-808GX XM460Omega

Various line width