Mohnomaster VSD

High-speed, high-quality progressive cavity pump

  • Superior for gasket applications with high speed, high flow rate and high aspect ratio
  • Lineup covers micro-deposits to high flow rates
  • Dual head configuration that can achieve high-precision volumetric mixing for two-component hardening material.
  • Progressive cavity pump
  • Highly chemical resistant parts used for compatibility with
    wide range of liquid materials
  • Continuous dispensing
  • Synchro SpeedTM Funktion
  • CE Marking certified, EU RoHS compliant

Flow Rate V1
0.001 to 0.170 mL/s

Flow Rate V2
0.010 to 1.700 mL/s

Minimum dispensing amount: 0.003 mL
Amount depending on medium

Material supply via Pail Can, Barrerl Cartridge and many others

Product information (PDF)