MEASURING MASTER MPP-1 Digital Volumetric Dispenser

Precisely constant volume dispensing of fluids with changeable viscosity

  • Applicable viscosity range: 1 to 100,000mPa·s, i.e. from low viscosity to high viscosity covered.
  • Storage capacity for as many as 400 channels of dispensing conditions provided by multi-channel.
  • Fluid replacement executable without any tool and simple maintenance for fluid-exposed parts
  • Volume measuring type digital dispenser
  • High precision volumetric dispensing
  • CE Marking certified, EU RoHS compliant.

Ultra-precise dispensing available thanks to volume measuring type digital controlled plunger.

Our volume measuring type digital controlled dispenser, MEASURING MASTERTM MPP-1, provides constant volume dispensing of variable-viscosity fluids. 
This machine is applicable to oil filling with precise and constant volume, dispensing of battery electrolyte, ink dispensing, etc. as well as underfilling.

Flyer MPP-1 (PDF)