MEASURING MASTER MPP-1 Digital Volumetric Dispenser

Precisely constant volume dispensing of fluids with changeable viscosity

  • Applicable viscosity range: 1 to 100,000mPa·s, i.e. from low viscosity to high viscosity covered.
  • Storage capacity for as many as 400 channels of dispensing conditions provided by multi-channel.
  • Fluid replacement executable without any tool and simple maintenance for fluid-exposed parts
  • Volume measuring type digital dispenser
  • High precision volumetric dispensing
  • CE Marking certified, EU RoHS compliant.

Ultra-precise dispensing available thanks to volume measuring type digital controlled plunger.

Our volume measuring type digital controlled dispenser, MEASURING MASTERTM MPP-1, provides constant volume dispensing of variable-viscosity fluids. 
This machine is applicable to oil filling with precise and constant volume, dispensing of battery electrolyte, ink dispensing, etc. as well as underfilling.

Clean room option available 

Flyer MPP-1 (PDF)