Dispenser SCREW MASTER 3 MSD-3

Screw Dispenser MSD3
  • Material cost reduced
  • Loss of time reduced
  • loss of maintenance reduced
  • Synchro Speed supported
  • CE Marking certified, EU RoHS compliant

High-speed stable dispensing of high viscosity liquid with filler without clogging

Our Mohno type dispenser Progressive cavity pump

Stable, high-speed, high-precision dispensing are the key for applying solder paste, Ag paste, epoxy resin, grease and other material. This machine is high-performance screw-type, dispenser SCREW MASTER 3 that meets these requirements.

Our uniere screw mechanism eliminates fluctuations in dispensing volume and fluid buildup. It offers stable, minisclue-volume point dispensing and line dispensing with high precision. In addition, the syringe can be exchanged easily, promising high operating efficiency. It satisfies the strict requirements for dispensing material that contains particles or is highly viscous.