1/1,000,000mL super-micro-volume fluid dispensing

  • Good for super-fine volume dispensing, and precision separate dispensing, and for filling items with a specified volume.
  • Dispense low viscosity materials in doses as small as 1/1,000,000*mL.
  • Our unique plunger system eliminates drips without using a vacuum.
  • Small volume by dispensing slowly without forming bubbles.
  • You can enter the dispensing volume directly, and it offers excellent operability and high repeatability.
  • Remaining fluid alarm function is standard.
  • Collective control is possible using a host computer.
  • micro syringe can be installed (optional : SMP3-MS).
  • CE Marking certified, EU RoHS compliant.

Useful for dispensing extremely small doses of solvents and volatile materials

MUSASHI’s newly developed NANO MASTER series has a digital plunger control system and a super-small volume dispenser especially useful for dispensing microscopic amounts of fluid. It can dispense doses as small as 1/1,000,000mL. The complete digital control provides excellent repeatability. 

The NANO MASTER series offers good performance in supersmall volume dispensing, precision separation, and constant volume for low viscosity fluids such as solvents and  volatile fluids. It can be used in a wide range of applications from research and development to mass production of electronic parts, optical equipment, or medicines.

Semiconductors, LCD substrates, and electronic parts such as LSIs, ICs, hybrid ICs, transistors, diodes, color LCDs, and printed circuit boards. Precision machine such as watches, cameras, and optical equipment. Medicines. Foodstuffs.

Especially suitable for low viscosity fluids such as alcohol, volatile solvents, and UV setting resins.

Filling small volumes, small precision volume placement, point dispensing, line dispensing, adhesion, potting.