SuperSigma CMIII V2/V5 Air pulse dispenser controller

SuperSigma Digital Air Pulse Dispenser

Enhanced dispensing stability, demonstration of global standards.
Communication function and automatic correction function equipped

  • Excellence in continuous dispensing stability
  • Unified Control of devices from outside
  • High precision time pressure dispenser
  • Visualization of initial dispensing conditions
  • Improved stability in pressure and operation without compromising the existing Super Σ CM functions
  • High-Precision dispenser with dramatically improved dispensing stability
  • New feature. Fine adjustment of conditions in Σ corrections fully controlled from device
  • Dispensing conditions editable on your PC thanks to dedicated software “MuCOM for SuperSigma CM”
  • CE Marking certified, EU RoHS compliant

Used in the heart of automated production lines The Sigma series dominate the field in small-volume, super-ine point dispensing.

Our Sigma series have been highly valued for their high-precision micro volume dispensing capability and automatized unmanned production lines accompanied with building up overwhelming accomplishments.
“Three Major Sigma Functions” have solved difficult problems all together such as fluid dripping, water head difference, and low fluid alarm. These functions provide excellent performance in various production processes including semiconductor manufacturing and electronic component manufacturing, for example, ultra-precision dispensing of as little as 0.01mg and high-speed dispensing at minimum cycle time of 0.1 s or less. Higher-precision and higher-stability dispensing has been successfully achieved thanks to further improvement in dispensing stability and remaining volume detection accuracy. Storage capacity of as many as 100 types of operation patterns allows users to manage product variety completely without any difficulty.
In addition, the dedicated software, “MuCOM for Super Simga CM”, provides editability of dispensing conditions on a PC resulting in dramatic improvement in accuracy and efficiency of operations.



Improved dispensing accuracy and no waste of liquid by the Sigma 3 major functions

Function 1 Automatic correction of water head level compensation
This function eliminates variations in the dispensing volume that are caused by remaining liquid level.
Precision dispensing is available and significantly improves yield.


Super Sigma function

Function 2 Automatic liquid drip prevention
The automatic vacuum control system prevents liquid drips and aeration and improves the stability of dispensing accuracy.

Super Sigma Function 2

Function 3 Automatic remaining volume warning

syringe remaining volume