Needle valve NCV-17

Needle Valve NCV-17L Big Flow

High-precision standard Ventil

  • Needle valve for micro dispensing
  • Possible to use for UV adhesive
  • Suitable also for material with filler
  • reduce air bubble mixing
  • Diaphram structure prevents liquid material entering mechanical parts
  • Compact square shape and lightweight. Ideal for use with automated machine
  • High flow type available

High precision dispensing valve that is an uncompromising response to the need for sophisticated dispensing equipment

Provides the high productivity, stability, reliability, durability, and maintainability that are required by uncompromising professionals. To meet all these requirements, MUSASHI
has brought together all of our dispensing experience to develop these new fluid dispensing valves. They can prevent fluid drips and dispense extremely uniform doses.
A variety of accessories are available to suit various dispensing system requirements, such as different dispensing applications and fluid material types.

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