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Musashi Download
Musashi Engineering address and phone number
Dispensig solutions for automotive components
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Musashi Engineering


This brand has been associated with the highest quality and precision in microdosing for over 45 years. Our bandwidth extends through all areas of application and requirement, from nano-dots to gap fillers to coatings,

At MUSASHI Engineering, we are aware that every dosing application has its own special requirements for machinery, framework conditions and support. Our first principle is to find the best solution for your application and to fully accompany and support our customers from planning to the start of production.
In these changing times, countless applications for the application of materials are emerging in a wide variety of industries, which require complex technologies, including dosing, in order to meet the special requirements.
Since its foundation, MUSASHI has always broken new ground in the important, but also unexplored technical field of precision fluid control. The technical experience in the field of dispensing, which has been accumulated over many years, has enabled MUSASHI to consistently produce technical excellence in this branch.
MUSASHI has developed its strengths as a manufacturer with a comprehensive range and developed a wide range of dosing systems with which it can meet demanding requirements at all times.
In an effort to develop and offer products that satisfy current needs better than others, we also develop very individual plant systems for special requirements

Our high-quality dosing system technology is used to manufacture many products that are part of our daily life. We can offer dosing systems for a wide variety of materials, such as: oils, greases, solder paste, adhesives, sealants, SMT adhesives, thermally conductive adhesives, silicones, superglues, UV adhesives, materials for food, cosmetics or medical applications.
Small products include innovative semiconductor components such as CSPs and BGAs for smartphones, circuit boards, sensors of all kinds, cameras, precision instruments such as watches, consumer goods such as televisions, etc. The large products range from cars to jumbo jets and space shuttles. Because as one of the key technologies of our time, this “key technology hidden” makes products of high precision and reliability possible. In order to meet the diverse requirements that are placed on dosing systems, MUSASHI has developed its own innovative fluid control technology and thus contributes to the creation of future-oriented industrial products of all categories.
With our extensive know-how and many years of experience in the field of dispensing technology, we use our own axis systems and their control technology in addition to dispensing technology. This ranges from simple desktop table robots to small to large axis portals to complete inline machines.
We will also be able to offer a solution for your application.

Musashi Engineering

Your partner for micro dispensing

As the information society advances, multi-media, downsizing and the personal use of electronic appliances are expanding more and more into our daily lives.
A large number of new dispensing applications are being created for a wide variety of fields. Complex technologies and dispensing technology, in particular, are needed to handle the actual details of these new demands.
Since its founding, MUSASHI has been cultivating new levels of progress. Supporting significant, emerging technical fields with precision fluid control under the theme create value and plant unique seeds. Unending efforts to advance precision dosing technology, based on our decades long accumulation of dispensing technology, have allowed us to be the technology leader in the dispensing field.
MUSASHI has been responding to the rigorous needs in this field with a variety by dispensing system, supplying total dispensing solutions.
Working to develop and support MUSASHI products that meet the dispensing needs of the new age better than anyone else. We are always seeking to create value by developing new and unique seeds in the 21st century.

Dispensing of: Oil, grease, adhesive, thermal paste, UV glue, solder paste, gap filler, silver paste and others

Dispensing volumes as small as picoliters.

Current situation

As everywhere in the world, we at Musashi Engineering Europe GmbH are doing our best to master the challenges of the current situation as well as possible. While the safety of our employees and business partners has top priority, we nevertheless maintain our operations to ensure our continuous support for you.
We are here for you:
Most of our employees now work from home office supporting you by phone, chat or video conference. In urgent cases, we continue to provide on-site support. However, please understand that in these cases we carry out an individual risk assessment before the visit.

Contact us …

Hotline: +49 89 321 996 06
Working 8:30 – 17:00 (CET)

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Marcel-Breuer-Str. 15
80807 München

TEL: +49 89 321 996 06
FAX: +49 89 321 996 07