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As the information society advances, multi-media, downsizing and the personal use of electronic appliances are expanding more and more into our daily lives.
A large number of new dispensing applications are being created for a wide variety of fields. Complex technologies and dispensing technology, in particular, are needed to handle the actual details of these new demands.
Since its founding, MUSASHI has been cultivating new levels of progress. Supporting significant, emerging technical fields with precision fluid control under the theme create value and plant unique seeds. Unending efforts to advance precision dosing technology, based on our decades long accumulation of dispensing technology, have allowed us to be the technology leader in the dispensing field.
MUSASHI has been responding to the rigorous needs in this field with a variety by dispensing system, supplying total dispensing solutions.
Working to develop and support MUSASHI products that meet the dispensing needs of the new age better than anyone else. We are always seeking to create value by developing new and unique seeds in the 21st century.

Dispensing of: Oil, grease, adhesive, thermal paste, UV glue, solder paste, gap filler, silver paste and others

Dispensing volumes as small as picoliters.

Current situation

As everywhere in the world, we at Musashi Engineering Europe GmbH are doing our best to master the challenges of the current situation as well as possible. While the safety of our employees and business partners has top priority, we nevertheless maintain our operations to ensure our continuous support for you.
We are here for you:
Most of our employees now work from home office supporting you by phone, chat or video conference. In urgent cases, we continue to provide on-site support. However, please understand that in these cases we carry out an individual risk assessment before the visit.

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