Non-Contact Jet Dispenser

Super Hi Jet

Non-contact JET dispenser for high and low viscosity
For viscosity range up to 1,000,000 mPa/s
Piezo Technology
Excellent position accuracy
Thin & small. Can be used with multi head systems.

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The production tact time greatly improved.
MUSASHl’s own jet mechanism makes super micro dots.
Four more times durable compared with our conventional jet dispenser.
Achieved steady and reproducible dispensing.
Nozzle heater controller comes as the standard

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Ultra high speed and Ultra micro dispensing
Highest elevation of jet dispensing
Max: 1,200 Hz
Micro Dot from 0.5 nL/shot
Various syringes and tanks can be connected
Board range of applications including Ag paste and moisture proof insulation fluid

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Hotmelt SuperJet

High speed hotmelt dispensing with jet
3D seal dispensing with continuous jetting
Ultra fine line dispensing

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