Dispense Robot ImageMaster 350PC Smart

Desktop Roboter mit Kamera und Laser

Musashi Desktop robot with camera alignment and laser Z follow

  • Support SynchroSpeed function
  • Edge detection function
  • Fast and easy programming
  • Complete 3D alignment
  • Also available in clean room edition
  • CE Marking certified, EU RoHS compliant

Dispense correction function
Syringe setup
Gap measurement data retention
Nozzle cleaning and test shot

Production management function
Production log

Inspection function
Dimension measurement
Dispense path trace
Map generator
Simple dispense shape judgment


3D Alignment

Without alignment

Edge-detection function
Support for various work shapes

Position of works can be adjusted using image processing in a broader range of conditions.

Edge detection
SynchroSpeed function
Coordination with dispenser

Achieve a constant drawing width that is independent of robot speed.
High-quality dispensing is implemented without the need for complicated adjustments.