SHOTMASTER SX Dispensing Robot

A Fusion of “Core” Dispensing Technologies and motion units

  • Ultimate coste effective performance
  • High speed: 800mm/s.
  • ±0,01 mm accuracy
  • CE Marking certified, EU RoHS compliant

Synchro Speed function
The line width can be maintained at constant even when moving through a corner.
Maximum reduction in cycle time for the highest production efficiency

New type teaching pendant
Eqipped with interactive user friendly interface
Stopwatch function
Dispensing condition switching function
Data transfer function between robots

Substantial hardware configuration Multifunctional machine
External input/output: 26:26
USB Port for high speed communication
4 on machine buttons
Z-axis brake function

Easy programming software

Hight extension
Nozzle adjuster
Purge cup
Additional axis

MuCAD Catalog (PDF)
ShotMaster SX (PDF)
General Robot Catalog (PDF)