Time Pressure Dispenser

SuperSigma CMIII V2/V5 Air pulse dispenser controller Full digital air pulse dispenser

Enhanced dispensing stability, demonstration of global standards.
Communication function and automatic correction function equipped
Excellence in continuous dispensing stability
High precision time pressure dispenser
Visualization of initial dispensing conditions
Improved stability in pressure and operation without compromising the existing Super Σ CM functions

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Digital Time Pressure Dispenser ML-808GX

Best suited for two-component / bi-component adhesive dispensing
High precision dispenser flexible with viscosity change
[Auto increment function] Predetermined dispensing conditions are automatically changed in a step-by-step manner. Stable dispensing that follows the viscosity change of liquid has been achieved.
[Auto slope function] Automatically calculation of dispensing conditions that following viscosity change. Required setting is only two steps at start and end. Significant reduced setup time.

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High precision digital dispenser ML-5000XII

pgraded dispensing accuracy
All for high quality dispensing
Excellent dispensing accuracy achieved thanks to integration of air pulse stabilization circuit
Compacted installation area by 65%
Input signal selectable between “no voltage” and “applied voltage (5V/12V/24V)” by use of input signal selection DIP switch

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Outstanding cost-effective performance
Equipped with Set-up function for setting dispensing conditions
Ultra-lightweight and compact