Application, Product Overview for Dispensing

Production of IGBT and SiC modules  Improving productivity of power module package

Automotive: Adhision, Brazing and soldering, automotive electronic, sensors, LIDAR etc.

Semi-conductor products: LSIs, general logic circuit IC, Hybrid IC, CSP, BGA, Laser, diodes etc.

Medical, physic, chemical, biological products: Endoscope, catheter, medical injection needle, electronic thermometer, sphygmomanometer, flue test kit, corona test kit, Covid test kit, membrane etc.

Electronic and electric part: Optical pickups, HDD, rechargeable batteries, solar cells, fuel cells, solid batteries, printed circuit boards, power supply, miniature switches, electrolytic capacitors, variable resistors, quartz resonators, quartz oscillator, sensor, LED, FPD (OLED, LCD, PDP), magnetic heads, relays, connectors, micro motors, bearings, meters, transformers, coils, speakers, microphones, buzzer, Smartpone, tablet, PC, notebook, flat screen TV, cellphone, LED lighting, portable music player, blue-ray recorder, DVD recorder, sound systems, car navigator, game console, eBook reader, microwave oven, IH cooking system, air conditioner, refrigerator, laundry machines, vacuum cleaners etc.


Optical products: Digital cameras, lens, glasses, telescope, microscope, cell phone cameras etc.
Precision equipment and end electronic products: HDD recorder, HDD video camera, watches, laptop PC, desktop PC, copy machine, projector, electronic dictionary, calculators etc.
Office items: fountain ben, ballpoint pen, toys, fishing equipment, musical instruments, sporting goods, electric tool, furniture, nameplates etc
Food: High-grade confectionery, kneaded food, sauce etc.
Cosmetic: Foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, lip glow etc.
Large equipment: Automobiles, aircraft, bicycles, motorcycles, ships, satellites etc.