MUSASHI consumables

Best dispensing results through Best Quality from MUSASHI.


As MUSASHI, we offer not only innovative dispensing systems but also all consumables from a single source. For a durable, high-precision and safe performance of your dispensing systems.

MUSASHI syringes

Our different syringes such as Antistatic, Hotmelt 130°C, Hotmelt 180°C, UV or Metal are based on years of experience in the field of micro dispensing. The unique shape ensures excellent flowability of all viscosities and thus highly precise dispensing. Easy handling allows stable liquid dispensing with excellent air tightness and simple assembly by means of a plug on the adapter tube.

  • No more curing of liquids with direct UV irradiation
  • Easy reading of the remaining liquid level thanks to the improved transparency of the dispensers
  • No static charging of the syringe barrels

MUSASHI nozzeles

Our nozzles convince with their unique shape and ensure excellent flowability and high precision dispensing. Through our proprietary design, we have significantly increased the strength of the nozzles and guarantee a much more stable dispensing result for all types of dispensing due to the smooth inner walls.

Only the highest quality materials are used for the liquid outlet to achieve maximum, high precision performance. Our wide product range is thereby suitable for all types of liquids and dispensing requirements.

MUSASHI needle valve NCV-17

High precision dispensing valve without compromise

MUSASHI valves offer the high productivity, stability, reliability, durability and maintainability demanded by our customers. To meet all these requirements, we have combined all our dispensing experience to develop these new liquid dispensing valves. These eliminate dripping and dispense extremely consistent amounts.

Find your individually suitable solution for dispensing systems and dispensing nozzles for all areas of application when it comes to precise bonding, dispensing or filling.
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