MUSASHI Dispenser

The application of our JET dispensing systems is process-independent and thus suitable for all processes.

Contactless JET Dispenser

The application of our JET dispensing systems is process-independent and thus suitable for all processes. Combined with the quality feature Made in Japan, we guarantee the highest quality combined with the corresponding durability. With the use of our JET dispensers, we underline our promise to apply the most versatile liquids with high precision down to the smallest volume like no other.


JET dispenser for highly viscous liquids

Applicable liquid materials: UF material, Ag paste, sealant, epoxy resin, grease, etc.
Viscosity range: up to 1.000.000 mPa/s
Temperature setting range: MAX: 100 Degree Celsius
Musashi SuperHiJet – Produktbild des Dosierers und seinem User-Interface

SuperHiJet application


Contactless JET Dispenser
Advanced development of the premium class! Achieves a top speed of 333 shot/s!

Applicable liquid materials: Underfilling material, Ag paste, moisture insulation, UV bonding agent, epoxy resin, grease, flux, etc.
Viscosity range: from 0.001 Pa-s (1 CPS) up to 700 Pa-s (700.000 CPS)
Temperature setting range: MAX: 80 Degree Celsius
Musashi SuperHiJet – Produktbild des Dosierers und seinem User-Interface

AeroJet application


Extremely fast even with small quantities

  • Can be used with thin, compact multi-head systems.
  • Our proprietary jet system enables dispensing of micro-dots with the smallest possible diameter.
  • Various syringes and tanks can be connected.
  • A selection is available as a means of feeding the fluid material, ranging from syringe to tank.
  • Wide range of applications, including Ag paste and moisture-proof insulating fluid.
Musashi SuperJet – Produktbild des Dosierers und seinem User-Interface

SuperJet application

Plunger dispenser

The use of our plunger dispensers guarantees highly precise dispensing of constant doses of liquids with variable viscosity. Thanks to the digital control of the plunger, our customers rely on our equipment for applications such as underfilling and potting, precisely and consistently filling with oil, injecting electrolyte solution into various types of batteries and dispensing ink. Our quality promise is always in focus, whether the application is for small or large series, or in applications in the clean room.


Precisely constant volume dispensing of fluids with changeable viscosity

  • Suitable for viscosities from 1 to 100,000mPa-s, i.e. low to high viscosities
  • Storage capacity for as many as 400 channels of dispensing conditions provided by multi-channel
  • Fluid replacement without the use of tools, easy maintenance of parts exposed to the fluid
  • High precision volumetric dispenser
Musashi MPP1 – Produktbild des Dosierers und seinem User-Interface

MPP1 application


Unleash Precision with Musashi MPP-5: The High-Capacity, Volumetric Digital Dispenser
Musashi Engineering is proud to present the Musashi MPP-5, a state-of-the-art dispenser designed to revolutionize your production line with its advanced digital control and high-capacity dispensing capabilities.

Key Features of the Musashi MPP-5:

  • Volumetric Digital Control: Step into the future of dispensing with the MPP-5’s superior digital control system that ensures high precision and repeatability, providing the exact volume every time.
  • Versatile Material Handling: Whether you’re working with low or high viscosity liquids, the MPP-5 offers quantitative dispensing with exceptional precision, handling a vast range from 0.001 Pa·s to 1000 Pa·s effortlessly.
  • Comprehensive Flow Rate Range: Our lineup caters to all your needs, from small-scale precision to large-flow applications, ensuring optimal performance across a spectrum of dispensing activities.
  • Advanced Error Detection: Elevate your process reliability with enhanced error detection that prevents dispensing errors, backed by improved usability for a seamless operation.
  • Smart Production Management: Equipped with intelligent features like log management and self-diagnosis, the MPP-5 empowers you to keep your production smart and under control.
  • Universal Container Compatibility: Adaptability is key, and the MPP-5 thrives with various liquid containers. Choose from barrels, syringes, or tank connections to match your production scale and requirements.
  • Dual-Component Capability: Expanding versatility, the MPP-5 is also available for two-component materials with static mixing, allowing for a broader range of applications.
  • Precision Dispensing Volumes: Achieve precise control with a minimum dispensing volume of 1µl and a maximum of 7.3 ml per stroke, embodying the pinnacle of versatility and efficiency.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Potting
  • Reagent Dispensing
  • OCR
  • Dam/Fill Processes
  • Gap Filling
  • Gasket CIPG/FIPG

The Musashi MPP-5 is not just a dispenser; it’s the harbinger of accuracy and efficiency. Redefine what you thought was possible in dispensing technology and give your production the competitive edge it deserves.

Experience Precision. Experience Musashi MPP-5.

For more information or to arrange a live demonstration, contact Musashi Engineering today.


Ultra precise delivery through volumetry by using a digitally controlled plunger

  • Delivers excellent results for super-fine volume dispensing, and precision separate dispensing, and for filling items with a specified volume
  • Dispensing low viscosity fluid material in micro doses up to 1/1,000,000mL
  • Our unique plunger system eliminates drips without using a vacuum
  • Integrated function for residual fluid detection
  • You can enter the dispensing volume directly, and it offers excellent operability and high repeatability
Musashi SMP III - Produktbild

2 Component Dispenser

Our 2 component dispensers for faster and more flexible processing. Ideal for precision dispensing and micro dispensing of 2 component material.

MPP3-2K Dispenser

Ideally designed for precision and micro dispensing with any mixing ratio.

Special features:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Specific design with high durability
  • Individual adjustment of the heads allows for any mixing ratio
  • Compatible with 2-component materials with significantly different viscosities


  • Bonding of heatsinks with two component glue
  • Potting of sensors
  • Attaching waterproof connection seals


  • Gap Filler, Thermal Conductivity Pate
  • 2 components resin
  • Variable mixing ratios
  • Precision ±1% at 25µL
  • CE certified, EU RoHS compliant
Musashi MPP3-2K - Produktbild welches

MPP3-2K application

2K Dispenser Dual-Mohnomaster

Ideally suited for precision dispensing and micro dispensing at the highest speeds

Special features:

  • Excellent for high speed, high flow rate and high aspect ratio sealing applications
  • Product range covers micro deposits to high flow rates
  • CE certified, EU RoHS compliant


  • Twin-head configuration, for high precision volume mixing
  • Mixing of curing two component material
  • Highly chemical resistant parts for compatibility with a wide range of liquid materials
  • Product range from micro deposits to high flow rates
Musashi Mohno-2K - Produktbild mit Dichtungsdosierer und dem User-Interface


Highest speed and quality in seal dispensing

  • Excellent for high speed, high flow rate and high aspect ratio sealing applications
  • The product range covers micro deposits up to high flow rates as well
Musashi Mohno-2K - Produktbild mit Dichtungsdosierer und dem User-Interface


The ML-8000X is a fully digitally controlled dispenser of the latest generation developed by Musashi, which fully supports the requirements of Industry 4.0.

With enhanced production management functions including automatic logging and self-diagnostics, the system supports the digital requirements of today’s modern smart factory production. Simple and intuitive operation through the 4.3-inch colour touch panel enables intuitive management of dispensing conditions and helps improve the performance of automated production lines.

  • Industry 4.0 “complete” support
    Instantly displays errors, logs, and the number of productions. Minimize defects by working with higher levels.
  • Adjustment of parameters by time required when using a premixed two-component glue
  • Recipes and channels can be imported/exported via USB port.
    Easy backup to PCs and other devices.
  • CE marking
  • The standard range includes PNP specifications for I/O input/output signals
  • Integrated Air Pulse Stabilisation (PAT) Circuitry

Screw dispenser / Cavity pump

Reliable high speed dispensing of liquids using high viscosity liquids avoiding plugging.

Our screw dispenser and cavity pump technology guarantees stable high-speed dosing of liquids such as solder paste, Ag paste, epoxy resin, grease, etc. without clogging. Here, the screw mechanism we have developed prevents both fluctuations in the dispensing quantity and the accumulation of dispensing material and enables stable and highly precise micro dose dot and line application.


Significantly reducing the running costs

  • Key functions: Fast dispensing of particle-containing liquids, high-viscosity liquids and more
  • Applicable materials: solder paste, Ag paste, epoxy resin, grease, silicones and many more
  • Dispensing mode: time control, manual
  • Adjustment range (time): 0.01 to 999.999 s
Musashi SMP III - Produktbild des Dosierers und User-Interface

ScrewMaster-3 application


High precision dispensing of high viscosity liquids

  • Dispensing volume controllable with parameters
  • High throughput dispensing at a rate of about a dozen millilitres/second to improve cycle time
  • Equipped with progressive cavity pump Mohno
Musashi Mohno Master - Produktbild mit User-Interface

Air pulse dispenser controller (Airpuls)

Our dispensing systems for applications in Industry 4.0

Thanks to our dispensing system controls, challenges such as dripping, pressure level deviation and residual quantity alarm in production lines are no longer an issue. Special attention is paid to fully automated and autonomously operated production, where our systems are used without any problems and perfectly fulfil their purpose of high quality dispensing.

SuperSigma CMIV

Introducing the Musashi SuperSigma CMIV: The Zenith of Air Pulse Dispensing Technology
Marc Ishikawa from Musashi Engineering proudly presents the latest breakthrough in dispensing technology – the Musashi SuperSigma CMIV. Meticulously engineered, this dispenser represents the apex of precision and efficiency in the field of air pulse dispensing, setting new benchmarks for the industry.

2. User-Friendly Interface

  • Equipped with a 4.3-inch touch screen display, it offers an intuitive user experience with an outstanding user interface, simplifying configuration and operation.

3. Compact and Energy Efficient

  • Eco Mode: Significantly reduces air consumption during operation.
  • Standby Efficiency: Over 90% reduction in air consumption when in standby (vacuum off).
  • Sleep Mode: Reduces power and air consumption during pauses, cutting standby power consumption by up to 25%.

4. Sleek Design

  • 30% smaller in volume than our previous models, offering ease in integration and space efficiency.

5. Smart Factory Integration

  • Enhances quality and production status visualization, and provides efficient troubleshooting analysis through remote operation capabilities.

6. Advanced Production Control

  • Equipped with logging, self-diagnosis, and emergency stop features for unparalleled control and safety.

7. Network and PC Communication Compatibility

  • LAN Port: For seamless network connections.
  • USB Ports: Includes both Type-C and Type-A for versatile PC communications.

8. Versatile Application

  • Suitable for a broad range of applications, from low to high viscosity materials.

9. Precision Dispensing

  • Delivers impeccable accuracy, even in dispensing minute quantities.

The Musashi SuperSigma CMIV is not just a dispenser; it’s a testament to Musashi Engineering’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and precision. It’s designed to elevate your production processes to new heights, seamlessly integrating into the smart factory of the future. Elevate Your Dispensing Experience with Musashi SuperSigma CMIV – Precision, Efficiency, Innovation.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, contact Marc Ishikawa at Musashi Engineering.


Perfect for equalising viscosity changes

  • Auto increment function
    Preset application conditions are automatically changed step by step. Stable dispensing that follows the change in viscosity of liquid
  • Automatic slope control
    Only by entering the desired parameters at the start and end, dispensing conditions that follow the viscosity change of liquid are automatically calculated. User input has been significantly reduced
  • Optimal for two component adhesive application
  • Air pulse stabilisation (PAT) control available as standard
Musashi ML-808GX - Produktbild einer blauen Box

ML-808GX application


Everything for high quality dispensing

  • Excellent dispensing precision thanks to the interaction of technically sophisticated functions such as the air pulse stabilization circuit patented by MUSASHI
  • Required footprint reduced to 65%
  • Input signal can be switched between “no voltage” and “voltage applied (5V/12V/24V)” by means of an input signal selection DIP switch
Musashi ML5000XII - Produktbild des Dosierers mit dem user Interface

Find your individually suitable solution for dispensing systems and dispensing nozzles for all areas of application when it comes to precise bonding, dispensing or filling.
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