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Inline and cells

For processes in large-scale production, we offer high-precision inline and cell solutions that can be integrated, configured and inserted into any existing software environment independently of existing production lines. Perfectly adapted for your application with the simplest maintenance.


Precision Meets Innovation

In the world of dispensing technology, the Musashi FAD 2500 sets new standards. This advanced machine is specifically designed to meet the high demands of modern manufacturing industries. Whether in electronics assembly, medical technology, or the automotive sector, the FAD 2500 delivers precise results that propel you forward.

Ultimate Precision for Optimal Results
The FAD 2500 excels with its extraordinary precision in dispensing. Equipped with a sophisticated control system, this machine enables extremely accurate material application, significantly enhancing product quality and minimizing material waste.

Adaptable and Versatile
The versatility of the FAD 2500 allows it to handle a wide range of materials, from high-viscosity adhesives to liquid media. Various configurations and settings make it the ideal choice for businesses that need to cover a multitude of applications.

Robust and Durable
Built for continuous use in demanding industrial environments, the FAD 2500 offers exceptional reliability and longevity. This protects your investment and ensures continuous operational readiness.

Choose the Musashi FAD 2500 to elevate your production to the next level. Discover how our cutting-edge technology can transform your business. For more information and a personalized consultation, contact us today. Visit our website or call us directly. Your success is our goal!

Musashi Engineering – Where Precision Meets Innovation.

Produktbild der Inline-Zelle Vollautomatisches Inline Dosiersystem

FAD2500 application


Revolutionize Your Conformal Coating with Dual-Head Technology and Environmental Considerations

The Musashi FCD 1000 is a specialized machine engineered to meet the rigorous demands of conformal coating applications, while also addressing environmental and safety concerns. It features innovative dual-head technology that includes both a spray head for wide-area applications and a jet for precise line dispensing, capable of handling solvent-free or low-solvent coating materials.

Dual-Head Technology for Flexibility and Efficiency
With its spray head, the FCD 1000 efficiently covers large areas, ideal for applying a comprehensive base coating. The jet head allows for precise application in specific areas, making it perfect for complex electronic components where certain regions require additional protection or must remain uncoated.

Environmentally-Friendly and Safe Coating Options
The FCD 1000 supports solvent-free or low-solvent coatings, which are better for the environment and safer for operators. This feature aligns with global trends towards reducing solvent use in manufacturing processes, helping companies meet stricter environmental regulations.

Advanced Atomizing Spray and Jet Valves
Equipped with the latest in atomizing spray and jet valve technology, the FCD 1000 minimizes overspray and achieves minimal scatter, ensuring that coatings are applied efficiently and cleanly. This machine is suitable for medium to high-viscosity, solvent-free coatings, providing versatility across a range of material types and applications.

Time Savings with Ultimate Precision
The combination of advanced spray and jet technologies reduces the need for multiple passes and enables rapid application without sacrificing precision. This capability allows users to enhance production efficiency while maintaining high-quality coating standards.

Reliable Performance in Demanding Environments
Designed for continuous operation in industrial settings, the FCD 1000 offers reliable performance. Its durable construction ensures longevity and reduces maintenance needs, resulting in lower operational costs and less downtime.

Invest in the Musashi FCD 1000 to transform the efficiency of your conformal coating processes while ensuring compliance with environmental standards and achieving precise, reliable results. Contact us for more information or a demonstration.

Musashi Engineering – Innovative solutions for precise, environmentally responsible conformal coating.

Produktbild der Coating Zelle mit berührungsloser, streuungsfreier automatischer Beschichtung

FCD1000 application

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