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Desktop robots

The development of our dispensing robots is based on MUSASHI’s many years of experience and process expertise. In-house, all hardware and software components are manufactured and continuously developed. Whether large series or individual machines, whether spot or line dosing up to 18µ line width, the optimal dosing process is always the priority of our developers.

MUSASHI ShotMaster Omega

Highly concentrated dispensing core technology with built in synchronous speed function

Reach New Heights of Production Efficiency with the ShotMaster Omega from Musashi Engineering

The ShotMaster Omega embodies the pinnacle of Musashi’s advanced dispensing core technologies, designed to meet the highest demands of industrial manufacturing. With a top speed of 500 mm/s and impressive precision of ±0.005 mm, this dispenser delivers optimal speed and accuracy.

Outstanding Features:

  • Robust Construction: Designed for use with heavy tools, ensuring high speed and stability.
  • Advanced Usability Features: Equipped with a newly developed teaching pendant and interactive navigation functionalities.
  • High-Quality Precision Technology: Features Synchro Speed™ to maintain a consistent line width regardless of the robot’s speed, reducing cycle time and maximizing productivity.
  • Versatile Communication Options: Supported by external input/output ports and high-speed USB communication, offering excellent connectivity.

The ShotMaster Omega is ideal for demanding industrial applications.

Musashi - Produktbild des Dosierroboters

ShotMaster Omega application


Dispensing core technologies in Fusion – MUSASHI Motion-Unit

Experience Maximum Efficiency with the ShotMaster SX from Musashi Engineering

The ShotMaster SX combines Musashi’s core dispensing technologies with outstanding speed and precision. This advanced dispensing robot is unmatched in its class for speed and repeatability.

Top Features:

  • High-Speed Operation: Achieves speeds up to 500 mm/s, making it ideal for high-paced production environments.
  • Precision: Offers repeat accuracy of ±0.01 mm, ensuring precision in every application.
  • Robust Construction: Capable of handling heavy tools and workpieces with stable, high-speed operation.

Enhanced User Experience:

  • Equipped with a new teaching pendant and interactive navigation features, enhancing ease of use.
  • Comprehensive hardware setup with extensive input/output options and high-speed USB communication.

The ShotMaster SX is the optimal solution for highly efficient production systems that demand precision and speed.

Produktbild des Dosierroboters mit Dosier-Kerntechnologien in Fusion Musashi Motion-Unit

ShotMaster SX application


Desktop application robot with PC-controlled image detection

Enhance Precision in Your Production with the Image Master 350PC Smart from Musashi Engineering

The Image Master 350PC Smart epitomizes advanced dispensing technology, designed to achieve unmatched accuracy in complex adhesive applications. This system excels in settings that demand the highest precision and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Advanced 3D Alignment: Adjusts for XYθ and corrects Z-axis variations to ensure precise application on varied surface topographies.
  • Automated Production Monitoring: Streamlines the production cycle from start to finish with automated monitoring and data logging for enhanced traceability.
  • Innovative Edge Detection: Ensures accurate alignment despite changes in workpiece shape or imperfections.
  • Dispensing Preview: Offers a preview of the dispensing pattern, allowing for precise adjustments prior to application.
  • Efficient and User-Friendly: Simplifies operations with easy setup features and intuitive pattern editing via MuCADV software.

Discover how the Image Master 350PC Smart can revolutionize your dispensing processes, increasing both precision and throughput.

IM350PC application

Portal robots

MUSASHI CrossMaster Omega

MUSASHI’s multi-purpose desktop robot

Discover Cutting-Edge Precision with the Cross Master OmegaX from Musashi Engineering

The Cross Master OmegaX combines Musashi’s top-tier dispensing technologies with innovative 3D alignment capabilities, delivering unmatched precision in adhesive applications. This system is ideal for complex, high-accuracy tasks requiring class-leading repetitive positioning accuracy of ±0.005 mm.

Key Features:

  • Advanced 3D Dispensing: Handles complex shapes with precision, supporting full 3D line and arc dispensing.
  • High-Quality Performance: Achieves a constant drawing width at corners, enhancing quality without the need for complex adjustments.
  • Robust Software Integration: Comes with MuCAD™ V, enabling sophisticated pattern editing and seamless integration with production lines.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Features new teaching pendant for ease of use, and supports fast communication and program transfer across devices.

Elevate your manufacturing process with the Cross Master OmegaX and experience a new level of dispensing performance.

Produktbild MUSASHI’s Allzweck-Tischroboter

MUSASHI CrossMaster SX

Inline Portal Roboter

Enhance Your Production Precision with the Cross Master SX from Musashi Engineering

The Cross Master SX delivers exceptional repeat accuracy of ±0.01 mm. This advanced inline motion system is designed to minimize cycle times and maintain consistent line width even on complex curves.

Advanced Features for Maximum Efficiency:

  • Precision Positioning: Ideal for applications requiring high precision.
  • Consistent Line Width: Maintains line integrity through challenging paths.
  • MuCADV Support: Facilitates easy editing of dispensing patterns.
  • Network Capability: Compatible with field networks for enhanced connectivity and control.

Discover how the Cross Master SX can improve your manufacturing processes through precision and efficiency.

Produktbild des Inline Portal Roboters

CrossMaster SX application


Desktop application robot with PC controlled vision software

  • Position correction can be performed with vision in a variety of conditions, including previously undetectable components
  • Link with dispenser Synchro SpeedTM function. Line width can be kept stable regardless of robot speed
  • High quality dispensing can be performed automatically without complicated settings
  • Full 3D alignment
  • Also available with clean room option

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