Leading dispensing technology combined in one droplet

Versatile, High-Precision, flexible and innovative – High speed dispensing in perfection.

MUSASHI product portfolio

Our dispensing technology is used in a wide range of applications, from the smallest products in advanced semiconductor devices in form of CSPs and BGAs built into smartphones, tablets, laptops and video cameras, to electronic devices such as computers, precision equipment like watches and household appliances and TVs. Even the largest products such as automobiles, jumbo jets and space shuttles are not built without MUSASHI dispensing technology.


Our dispensing portfolio for a large application portfolio in all types of viscosities.

When it comes to high-precision micro dot and line application, placing waterproof connection seals, bonding or connecting electronic components, we at MUSASHI offer a wide variety of solutions for your applications. Perfectly adapted for your application with the simplest maintenance.

Musashi SuperHiJet – Produktbild des Dosierers und seinem User-Interface

Dispensing robots

Hardware and software solutions from a single source. Our solutions for your perfect dispensing process.

The development of our dispensing robots is based on MUSASHI’s many years of experience and process expertise. In-house, all hardware and software components are manufactured and continuously developed. Whether large series or individual machines, whether spot or line dosing up to 18µ line width, the optimal dosing process is always the priority of our developers.

Musashi - Produktbild des Dosierroboters

Inline systems

Modular and individually configurable. Our solutions for your optimal dispensing process.

For processes in large-scale production, we offer high-precision inline and cell solutions that can be integrated, configured and inserted into any existing software environment independently of existing production lines. Perfectly adapted for your application with the simplest maintenance.

Produktbild der Coating Zelle mit berührungsloser, streuungsfreier automatischer Beschichtung


Best dispensing results through Best Quality from MUSASHI.

As MUSASHI, we offer not only innovative dispensing systems but also all consumables from a single source. For a durable, high-precision and safe performance of your dispensing systems.

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